For an emergency, call 911.

Here are helpful places and pages where you can find more information about health outside of your annual checkup.

Mental Health

Sad Face + Bed + Bottomless Pit ?

If you need to talk to someone, you can find mental health crisis response numbers here.

Books + Computer + Timer ?

If you’re trying to manage stress, go here.

Sexual Health

Bird + Bee - Protection ?

If you have questions about anything sexual health, go here.

Fitness & Nutrition

Apple + Egg - Donut ?

If you have questions about healthy eating, go here.


Ear + Headphones - Volume Mute ?

If you want to learn more about how noise affects your hearing, go here.


Thinking Face + Thought Bubble

If you’re wondering how health insurance works, go here.


Thinking Face + Stethoscope + Weight Scale ?

If you’ve got questions about how and why to talk to a doctor, go here.